Signs of Mesothelioma

Signs of Mesothelioma


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Thanks for visiting my website on this terrible subject of meso…er…mesoreleeth..mesothelioma. I’m not the best expert in the world on it but I do know people it has affected.

I kind of think I should be angry because I (and most people) have worked in offices for many years where the entire building was pretty much held together with asbestos. How long have they known that stuff would be breathed into our lungs and cause serious damage? Truly awful.

Anyway, here’s a description that I cobbled together:

Mesothelioma(wiki link) is a fairly uncommon, aggressive type of cancer that usually develops in the lining of the lungs or inĀ  the abdomen. It is caused by asbestos because of its microscopic fibers that can be easily breathed into the body and they build up over time.

It doesn’t have a cure at the moment(as of 2016) but people who are diagnosed with it can usually always have treatment options.

When a doctor diagnoses mesothelioma in the body they put it into one of four stages, depending on how far it has progressed through the body.